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WWI Memorial Honour Roll and Brockville War Memorial

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The unveiling of the new Brockville War Memorial by George P. Graham, MP and Minister of Railways and Canals took place on on May 23, 1924. This large monument remains and is located at the intersection of Court house Ave. and King St. W.

Brockville First World War Honour Roll

The following long list of those soldiers who died as a result of the First World War, was compiled following the war.

A large bronze plaque, with most of this information, was erected later in the Memorial Arena on Gilmour Street. That plaque is presently in the lobby of the newer Brockville Civic Memorial Centre in the north end.

Abbey, Sgt. George
Ablard, Sgt. Henry Charles
Acton, Cpl. George Dunbar
Amond, Pte. Walter Frederick
Anderson, Pte. Conrad C.F.
Anderson, Pte. John Essley
Astridge, Pte. John Thomas

Baker, Albert Henry
Baker, Pte. Victor Albert
Baker, Pte. Wilfred
Barnes, Pte. Francis B.
Barnes, Pte. George M.M.
Bell, Pte. Lawrence
Bertrand, Pte. Wilfrid Mayou
Bishop, Elmer Uriah
Bishop, Joseph Norton
Bissell, Lynn N.
Booth, 2nd.Lt. William Albert
Botsford, Pte. John
Bovaird, Cpl. Cecil Johnstone
Bowman, Pte. Ernest George
Bramley, Pte. Percy Allan
Brister, Sgt. Albert John
Brock, Pte. Hubert E.
Buell, Pte. Cecil Howard
Buell, Pte. Joseph Henry Nelson
Burns, Pte. Fulton Thomas

Campbell, Pte. Arthur
Campbell, Pte. Edmund
Carr, Pte. Cyrus Stewart
Champagne, Gnr. Leonard
Chapman, Lieut. Jackson A.F.
Chapman, Lieut. William John
Chevally, Pte. Leon Arthur
Coates, W. Brock
Conn, Pte. George Denholm
Cooke, Driver Thomas Edward
Corbett, Lieut. Raymond
Crawford, Cpl. Clayton

Deegan, Pte. Robert Joseph
Deir, L-Cpl. William
Devine, Pte. Lawrence Charles
Diamond, Pte. William Campbell
Down, Cpl. James
Driver, Gnr. Victor
Dunham, Flt. Sub-Lt. Laurence James
Durand, Pte. William Albert

Easson, Pte. John
Edwards, Maj. Herbert Hamilton
Ennoss, Sgt. William

Ferris, Pte. Neville
Fisher, Lieut. Harry Waterman
Fleming, James S.
Fluker, Cpl. James Kenneth
Fraser, Bdr. Allan A.
Fraser, Bdr. Farquhar Caldwell
Frego, Pte. John J.

Glazier, Pte. Harry
Graham, Capt. William Nelson
Gray, Frederick W.
Grube, James H.

Hamilton, Lieut. R. Gordon
Hannah, Pte. James
Harvey, Pte. Arthur
Herron, Lieut. Arthur Stuart
Herron, Pte. Roy
Hiscox, Qtr-Sgt. William N.
Hood, Pte. George
Hooker, Pte. Arthur
Hourigan, Wilfred
Hunter, Pte. Thomas Joseph

James, Lieut. Glynne L.B.
Jones, Carman
Jones, Lt.-Col. Elmer W. DSO

Kelly, Pte. Alfred Edward
Kelly, Pte. John Henry
Keon, Pte. Andrew Joseph
Kerr, Pte. William J.
King, Pte. George Frederick
Knill, Lieut. Arthur William

Law, Sgt. Leonard
Leveare, Pte. James Gordon
Lope, Pte. James

Mackey, Pte. George
Mackey, Lieut. William Herbert
Maher, Pte. Frank
Malette, Pte. Robert
Manahan, Pte. A. Leo
Marchand, Pte. Ernest
Mates, Cpl. John Alexander
McConachie, Pte. John A.
McCormack, Fred
McGuirk, L-Cpl. Peter
McKay, Sgt. Harold Clifford
McKenzie, Pte. Alexander
McMahon, Cpl. Michael
Milne, Cpl. John
Moody, Pte. Samuel
Moore, Capt. Edward Cecil H.
Mowat, Lieut. Graham
Murphy, Capt. Sterndale
Murray, Lieut. Tolford Hamilton

Newis, Pte. George Wolseley
Nicol, Pte. Frederick
Nicoll, Pte. William McLean
Noble, Pte. Walter William
Nunn, Charles Anson

O’Connor, Gnr. Roderick
O’Donahoe, Lt.-Col. James V.P.
O’Leary, Pte. Charles Herbert
O’Reilly, Pte. William J.

Page, Flt.-Lieut. John Albert
Pask, Pte. Clifford Lloyd
Penfold, Pte. John William
Polulak, Pte. Maxim
Pritchard, F.W.

Raison, F. Clarence
Redden, Pte. Ernest Horatio
Reynolds, Pte. Rodney
Rice, Gnr. Russell
Riches, Pte. Ernest Roy
Robertson, Pte. Andrew
Robertson, L-Cpl. Herbert J.
Rooney, Pte. Arthur
Row, Pte. Leonard Fred
Russell, Pte. David M.

Sansoucie, Pte. Ovie Louis
Sheridan, Driver Thomas J.
Simmons, Pte. Harry E.
Simons, Pte. Percy Allan
Simpson, Pte. John
Starr, Gnr. Elwood G.
Stephens, Pte. Wilfred Charles
Stinson, Pte. J. Robert
Stratton, Pte. William
Summers, Pte. Charles James

Trevor, Pte. Reginald Francis
Turland, William
Turner, Pte. Frederick Allan

Vance, Qtr.-Sgt. Harry Howard

Waddy, Pte. Harry Clifford
Walker, Bryon W.
Wallace, Lieut. John George
Webber, Cpl. Joseph Henry
Welch, Pte. Walter
Whaley, Frank
Wilgress, Lieut. George K.K.
Wilkins, Gnr. George Joseph
Wilson, Pte. Wilfred John
Wilson, Cpl. William Bruce
Wines, Pte. Percy

Sources: This Honour Role was created from a pair of lists found in the Recorder & Times, one dated August 21, 1950. The photo above is from the collection of the Brockville Museum.

This coloured postcard shows the Brockville War Memorial in the 1940s.

“Round Corner Building” – built 1842

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also known as

The Prevost – Fitzsimmons Block

73-85 King Street W. cor. St. Andrew St., Brockville, ON

Henry Field and his brother Richard were hardware merchants in the “Round Corner Store” during the time this large building was known as the “Fitzsimmons Block.

This is one of my favourite commercial buildings on King Street. For almost 160 years the three stores that make up the length of this stone block have catered to the needs of Brockvillians. Today’s stores which some of you will know in the “Round Corner Building” are Leeds County Books, Biba, and Echo Clothing Co.

The building was erected by George Prevost, the son of Andre and Anna (Buell) Prevost in 1842. This was the corner lot owned by his parents who received it from his grandfather, William Buell in 1805. He borrowed the money to build, eventually receiving 1200 pounds in mortgage money against his new development.

Architecturally it was a very pleasing classical design in stone running one hundred feet from the corner at St. Andrew St. There were actually other round corner buildings put up on the main street, but only two exist now and this is the oldest. A visit to the site will reveal a lot of changes evident on the face of the three storefronts and second floor entrances. However, at #79 you may see one of the original entrances framed in bold pieces of cut and dressed stone. Likewise the original roof line in a hip design remains above the corner stores at #73 and 75.

The first tenants were Matthie, Easton & Co. The next year however this mercantile business was replaced by the store of Morton, McKee & Co. organized by George Morton and Andrew McKee. George Prevost’s untimely death in 1844 passed the indebted property to his sister, Julia and her husband David Mair who held the mortgage.

Morton, McKee & Co. was a large wholesale and retail business selling all manner of tools and hardware under the sign of the “Gilt Plough.” They were in operation into the 1850s.

In 1847 the western section of the buildings was purchased by Robert Fitzsimmons who moved his store to this location. Fitzsimmons, and then his sons Robert, William,Thomas and Hugh, stocked a large variety of groceries and liquors. They continued in business here for many years, eventually purchasing the rest of the building in 1865 from Andrew S. Mair the son and heir of David Mair. The property then was commonly known as the “Fitzsimmons Block.”

An architect’s rendering shows how the original main street facade of the Round Corner Building may have looked in the 1850s.

Over the years the corner store was leased by Smith & Shepherd (1861-64), John & Robert Blyth (1865-67)dry goods merchants, Richard & Henry Field’s hardware store (1871-1890).

A long time employee of the Field business, Alexander G. Dobbie purchased the business in 1890 establishing his own hardware business here. He purchased the “Round Corner Store” from Charles H. Fitzsimmons in 1907 This became the location of A. G. Dobbie’s Hardware Store for over forty years.

The Fitzsimmons Brothers grocery store had an even longer history, eventually being succeeded by William Lorimer’s grocery store about 1903-1912. Subsequently the Fitzsimmons store was occupied by tailoring establishments run by Samuel A. Jackson and John W. Ker.

A. G. Dobbie & Co. occupied the corner location from 1890 until about 1929.

[The above pictures can be viewed full size in a separate window by double clicking on the picture on this page until you reach the enlarged version further in the system]

Sources: Information for this story came from many sources. Property records filed in the Leeds County Registry Office were invaluable, along with contemporary newspaper ads placed by each merchant. An adapted re-use project by Restoration Technology student, Marty Lillepold (1981) on this building was useful. The 1879 engraving was published by the Canadian Illustrated News. The old photo, although a bit fuzzy, is rare, and was earlier published in an advertising supplement of the time. A University of Toronto student architect measured this building in 1963 as a summer assignment, and is the source of the front elevation used here.

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