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about Doug Grant

Doug Grant taken in 2006

Doug Grant in his 1860s black frock coat used in historical re-enacting events.

I am a local history buff who lives in the terrific city of Brockville on the north side of the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario.

I intend this Blog Site to share a lot of historical information which I have been collecting for the last 35 or so years.

I was educated in Scarborough, Ontario and Toronto. I graduated as an Architectural Technologist from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now Ryerson University) in 1966.
My first career was as an Architectural Technologist/Draftsman in Toronto between 1966 and 1972.

I decided to go into teaching in 1972, and attended the Ontario College of Education in Toronto. I was then qualified to teach Architectural Drafting in the Ontario school system and obtained a position to do this in the town of Prescott, Ontario. I taught all my career at South Grenville District High School in Prescott until my retirement in June 2000.
I have continued to develop one of my main interests and hobbies in Canadian History and specifically, the History of Brockville, since moving to live in Brockville, Ontario in 1972.

Some of the material that I intend to use on this site was originally published in the Brockville newspaper, “The Recorder and Times” under my copyright. In addition I want to use a number of historical photographs that I have collected over the years.

I would love to hear from anyone with similar interests to mine.

You can check out my personal web site later.  It’s called:

The Doug Grant Building

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  1. Hello Doug,

    This looks like a wonderfull project. I will check-in when I can. I wish you the best of luck with this endeavour.

    Brad H

  2. Facinating stuff….great job!
    I’d be interested in seeing some historic photos of Victoria Hall and the Courthouse.

    • was trying to find information about my grandfather ken king was treasurer of brockville city hall in 50’s and 60’s love this cite bty will put under faves, especially love the court house pictures as i once lived over 3 court hourse on the corner of george st, over nasaddeys of course i spelled that wrong

  3. Doug,
    Thanks so much for the photos re my old home, the Wall St. Bank of Montreal, Brockville! They brought back many fond memories. We were the last family there!
    Judy ( nee Webster)

  4. I would be very interested in seeing old photographs of Victoria Avenue, specifically if any are available of # 12 Victoria.

  5. Hey Doug

    Your lacrosse story and picture are very timely as I was looking just yesterday for any lacrosse related materials on your website.I am in need of any and all Brockville Lacrosse history for a presentation to bring Junior B lacrosse back to Brockville for 2009.

  6. Doug: We purchased 189 King St East in Nov’07 & have been working to restore the inside of details that were stripped in past years. We’re looking for any clues of the house’s past glory…when Richard Allen Field first built it. We’d love to rebuild the archade/porch that probably surrounded the front entrance & repaint the Second Empire features (i.e., brackets, etc.) in original colours. I’ve been searching for old photos but have come up short. Sheila Shanks gave me your name when I visited the Brockville museum to find old pics. Do you have any? Would you be interested in working to obtain some? Let me know. I can be reached at (613) 342-8282. I’d love to hear from you.

  7. John Vander Velde

    Hi Doug

    You’ve put a lot of work went into your web site. Keep up the great job. My collection of old Brockville pictures is increasing thanks to your web site.

    I’m also trying to accumulate more pictures of my village, North augusta, Ontario. If you know of someone with images of N. Augusta, I would love to hear from them. Please stear them my way.


  8. I am thoroughly enjoying your site. Your work is very much appreciated by all of us history/genealogy buffs. I check back from time to time to see what’s new and also to look over your photos again. Re. the 1000 Islands Mineral Water Co. photo, I believe the address should be Brock St., not Pearl St. As a child in the 50’s I recall another bottling plant on the little street on the west side of B.C.I.
    Thanks very much for providing all this information and pictures.

    • Hi, i was wondering if you could elaborate on the MacKellar’s beverage factory.
      I found a MacKellar’s bottle with red letters as well.
      I was wondering how long the factory was open during what years) and what type’s of beverages it produced.

  9. Sharon:

    You are correct about the address for 1000 Islands Mineral Water Co. It was located at 58 Brock St.

    I think about the building when I walk by the empty site.

    I will make the correction.

    The other beverage factory, near Brockville Collegiate, was MacKellar’s Beverages at 122 Orchard St. I have one of their bottles with red letters printed on it.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Doug Grant

    • Hi! I was wondering when this factory was in operation… I was diving one day and found a bottle in the river…

      • Vicky:

        I have not got the dates of operation of the Pilgrim 1000 Islands Bottling Co. where I can easily find them.

        But you could check out this web site to see a few other bottle. Search for “Brockville” or “1000 Islands”:

      • Hi Vicky,
        F.M.Pilgrim’s bottles from both his mineral water businesses are commonly found in the waters off Brockville.
        Brockville Mineral Water Co 1894-1901 – S.W. corner James St W and Buell St;
        1000 Islands Mineral Water Co 1901-1932
        Visit my website http://www.pilgrimslanding for some additional info.

        Doug – My complements on a great site – Love the photo of the 1000 Islands Mineral Water factory.

  10. Hello Doug,

    I spoke to you several years ago (on advice of my father Kevin) before we purchased our house up on the old Perth Road, Billa Flint’s ‘Six Mile House’. You did not seem to have any info on it at the time. I was wondering if you had any pictures of his Inn (Flint’s Inn) built down on the water in Brockville (future site of Fuller’s Tower) or Billa’s earlier Brockville Homes. I have seen his last house on this site and courtesy of Don Glover. I have seen fuzzy pictures of his Inn in the distance but no real detail.

    I look foward to any info!

    Curt Wheeler

  11. Hi there, Curt.

    I am also replying to you by regular e-mail with some pictures of relevance to the Flint family.

    There may not be any new photographs or pictures of the Flint Inn and the Flint-Booth House. These were both on St. Andrew St.

    I don’t have any close-up pictures from the 1800s.

    There was another Flint building. It was the one at the north-east corner of King St. W. and Court House Ave. It was a large stone building known as the Flint Block. In about 1922 the corner was purchased by the Bank of Toronto and half of the Flint Block was replaced by the new Bank of Toronto.

    Nice to hear from you again.



  12. Mr. Grant,
    This is a lovely website. It is great to see the old homes again. I grew up in the area. I miss Leeds & Grenville. Do you have any pictures of Comstock Residence, BGH & St. Vincent’s Hospitals?
    Brockville is a lovely Town.

  13. Hi Doug,
    I’m a first time visitor to your site. Congratulations on a job well done. The very first photo I saw was the Bohemian war canoe with it’s list of paddlers. William Deir was a great uncle and John Hilliard was his first cousin. I have several photos of Will in uniform (the Rifles?) and on several sports teams, some I think from Brockville, the rest from out West. His name is on the cenotaphs in Brockville and Gananoque. I don’t have any pictures of John. It would be great to get a copy of the picture. If I saw a larger version I could identify Will. Do you sell copies or let people view the originals?

  14. Paul:

    All of the photographs and graphics on this site are available for you to download. The one of the paddlers from the Bohemian Club should be detailed enough for you to examine. Just use the right button on your mouse and then save it to your own computer. I think that should work. Otherwise I could send you a copy by regular e-mail.

    Doug Grant

  15. What a great site! Thanks for sharing. I have been tracing my family history and discovered that an ancestor of mine is listed on the voter lot as owner in at least the 1880’s if not earlier, of lot 235 King Street and other property in Brockville. Just wondering if you might have a photo of that location or if you can tell me anything about it. My ancestor is Joshua Franklin born in Englnad in 1815. He was a stone mason and builder.

  16. Hi John

    I am working with the the tourism and development office in Brockville on our annual Brockville Night at the Races. I thought it would be nice to have old images of the town for the poster. Would you mind if I used your photo’s and do you have any high resolution images that could be used for an 11 x 17 size poster?

    Lisa Richardson 613-292-8856
    Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre\Ottawa

  17. Hi

    I am trying to research a ship built in Kingston 1814 (April 15th Launched) called Princess Charlotte. Soon after the war she was renamed the Burlington, eventually sold to breakers in 1834 and her remains were found in Dead Man Bay. I cannot find any information on her as the Burlington –perhaps she was moored in Navy Bay until 1834? I belong to a model ship building forum and we would like to produce a working set of plans from a copy of the original. The hope would be to build an accurate replica and be able to give a full account of her life. Can you shed any light upon her as the Burlington?

    Thank you
    John Walsh

  18. Hello John.

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the ship or its names that you have mentioned in your comment. It probably did not frequent Brockville. Sorry.


  19. Hi Doug,

    I’m trying to found out why the statue on top of the court house is known locally as Sally Grant. Do you have any idea?


    Laura Wright

  20. Doug. You have a great site and the information you share is awesome. I have a couple of historic items I believe are Brockville area pieces that I need help to identify and would greatly appreciate it if you would consider assisting me. If you would drop me a short note I will send you some scans. Thank you and best regards. Mike Dufresne. Kingston.

  21. wendy trutnau

    Super work, Doug. As a former Brockvillian, it warms my heart to learn more about and understand the past of a town that will probably remain the centre of my soul.
    If only we could raise enough money to buy that Fuller Property and name it The Doug Grant Park!
    My favourite history teacher at BCI was also Doug Grant. Good luck with all your research.

  22. patricia brown

    Good afternoon Doug
    My great grandfather was on HMS Hero when it carried The Prince of Wales. He was on board to teach the ratings foreign languages . He also frequently went to Halifax Novia Scotia at the time of the Civil War. I have his letters from various places. Is this of any interest to you?

  23. Hi Doug,

    I love your website. With your permission, I’d like to use a couple of paragraphs condensed from your write-up on the Canada Carriage Co. in a postcard article for the Canadian Stamp News. I’ll certainly give you credit for the information.


    My Canadian Stamp News article cites a novelty wooden postcard sold at the 1905 Toronto Exhibtion advertising “The Old Reliable Canada Carriage Co.” If you’d like a scanned image, send me your e-mail address.



  24. marty lillepold

    Hi Doug,

    A standing ovation for your website and your life’s interest in the beautiful City of Brockville.

    Marty Lillepold

  25. Great website. My mother (Irene Carley) was born and raised in Brockville during the early 1900’s so I appreciate the early photos. Thanks.

  26. Congratulations, you have created a very interesting website. My family was from the Brockville area about five generations back – Nehemiah SEAMAN (1780-1830).

  27. Hi Doug.

    I’m from Belleville. Looking into the history of Billa Flint. He was Born in Brockville, came to Belleville and was our first Mayor.
    Do you know where he is buried.


    • Steve Wilson:

      We have always felt that Billa Flint Jr. left Brockville and never returned. I don’t know the nature of his relation with his father, Billa Flint Sr. They may have had a falling out. The second son, Samuel Flint became the favoured son and inherited his father’s resources.

      My feelings are that he must be buried in the Belleville area somewhere. We have known of his political and business history in your city. His activities seem to end here when he moved to Belleville.

      • Billa Jr was the son of Billa Sr’s First Wife who was later ‘sent away’… Jr. went to Belleville and was well financed by Billa Sr. Billa Sr’s Will stated that Billa Senior had given Jr the equvalent of over 100, 000 dollars during his life and was not left too much in the will. I know early on Billa Sr was a hard man and a hard drinker possibly leading Jr to help form the Temperance movement in canada along with Adiel Sherwood. A different wife and mother may have led to Jr moving to Belleville – I don’t know…. Apparently Jr contested the will and did very well! Big case at that time. I believe he lost his part of Billa’s fortune in the railways…. Sam was a son of Billa’s second wife and built what is now the Irvine Funeral home. Billa Sr’s daughter married a Comstock who afterwards, further developed his medicine business in Brockville on what was Billas Sr’s property on Court house Ave. I wonder if Billa’s money went into this? I believe Billa Seniors money eventually flowed through marriage into the Cossitt family which, funny enough, has recently purchased and set up the Insurance company back in Billa’s old ‘Flint Block’ Property at King & Courthouse….

      • Sam Flint was not the second son of Billa Flint Sr. He had a good number of children and a number of other sons who either died as infants, children and even one that was shot as a teenager I believe…. Sam did however survive to adulthood and inherited some of Billa’s Senior’s over 15,000 acres and many town properties in Brockville and other towns that he owned at the time of his death in 1852.

  28. Hi Doug,
    I have to say I’m impressed by some of the information you have on this site. Very interesting stuff!
    I’m in the midst of developing a museum exhibit about Prince Alberts visit to Canada in 1860 and have taken particular notice of some of the photos you’ve posted. Could you tell me where they are held and if there are rights that should be followed in using them? I’d also be interested if you have any additional sources for this topic, especially regarding his visit to Arnprior.

    • Cailee:

      It sound like an interesting exhibit you are preparing. I didn’t know the Prince went to Arnprior.

      I know that he came from Bytown in a special train to Brockville and was quite a few hours late. The people of Brockville were still congregating and waiting when darkness fell. It ruined the parade planned and the tour of the town was carried out in the dark.

      About photographs. Anything I have on my web site you can borrow. Most old pictures I have are either in the public domain or owned by generous photo museums.

      Giving proper credit and ownership is a real pain and is hard to do correctly. History should not come with a price tag or a restrictive use clause.


      Doug Grant

  29. Tina Thormin Fishow

    Hello Doug,

    I recently came upon your very interesting website. I grew up in Brockville and my family, the Thormins, lived there and owned businesses in the city’s early days. I would love to see photos of their King Street properties and learn more about my family roots.

    • Tina:

      Looking in an old Brockville Business Directory (1913), I found the following entries:
      Thormin & Rubins (Vinct Thormin , Anthony Rubins), confectionery, 140 King St. W.
      Thormin, Philip, works at Smart Manufacturing Co., house 113 Church St.
      Thormin, Samuel, salesman Thormin & Rubins, 140 King St. W.

      I guess that is your family.

      The Thormin & Rubin store was on the north side of King St. W. about five doors west of Chase St.


      Doug Grant

      • Tina Thormin Fishow

        Yes, Doug, this is my family!! Thank you for researching. I learned some new history about my roots. I really appreciate your efforts.

        Tina Thormin Fishow

  30. Hi Mr. Grant
    I am very impressed with your site. I have been looking into my family history for the past year, picking up bits and pieces. My connection is with the Carley family which owned a taxi (Frank- 25 Perth)andHorace proprietor of Windsor House on Perth St. in Brockville. Horace was my gr. grandfather. If by chance you come across any pictures of these business’, will you please contact me. I see J. Jaffey on your list which also is in the family. Would like to get in touch with them. Thankyou for the lovely walk in the past. Hope to hear from you.

    • Roberta:

      My collection does not include an old photo of the Windsor House Hotel. I know the building well at 22,27 Perth St. It was built by a man named William Gllerlain about 1876.

      In an old Brockville business directory (1913), I find the following:
      Carley, Frank, cabs, 25 Perth
      Carley, Eva, 25 Perth
      Carley, Horace, prop. Windsor House, 25-27 Perth


      Doug Grant

  31. I’m researching the Bowes/O’Brien families in Kingston & Gananoque & have some family photos taken about 1850 by Murray & Sons, King St., Brockville, Ont.. Have you any information about this photographer?

    • Richard:

      If you have any photographs imprinted with the company name, “Murray & Son” they would be taken much later than 1850. George Murray arrived in Brockville about 1869 from Montreal. By the 1890s, his son, Alex B. Murray was an active partner and later took over the business.

      The Murray and Son studio was located, for many years, in the Parr-Manuel Building at the nw cor of King St and Victoria Ave. on the upper floors.

  32. Maxine (Avery) Hutt

    Hi Mr Grant
    I have really been enjoying this site. The pictures are amazing, and I love learning the history of this wonderful city.
    I contacted Recorder and Times (Michael Jiggins) about an article that was in TV travel times some time ago about older Brockville homes. It had a lot of information about the house we now own which is 16 Bayview Rd – a large old victorian(?)
    with amazing gingerbread. Michael suggested that you may have written the article, or could direct me to information about it. I would be grateful for any help you might give me.

    • Maxine:

      I think I recall the article in the R&T that you are referring to. I did not write it and don’t know if I now have a copy of it. I have a lot of files saved.
      My guess is that someone like Betty W. MacDowell contributed that story. She can be reached at 613-342-7792, if you want to give her a call.


      Doug Grant

  33. Hello Mr. Grant
    My wife and I recently purchased a home in the village of Seeleys Bay and found in the basement a metal relief stamp, for cheese blocks I assume, with a Brockville dairy registration number 780 on it but more interesting to me was on the back, Charles Bate, Patd. 25 1898, Brocville, Ont.
    This site is the only place I came across Charles Bate but no mention of him being owner of patents or being any kind of inventer. Do you believe this is the same Charles Bate who owned the brewing company. Any info would be great to go along with our little piece of history here.

    Terry Shook
    Seeleys Bay, Ont.

    • Hi there, Terry.

      I don’t think Charles Bate left a big trace in our Brockville history. There is a single man named Charles F. Bate in the 1881 Brockville Census, but no profession is given. His age was 50 years. Bowie & Bate was re-named Bowie & Co. by 1899. That is all I can add.

      Doug Grant

    • Hi Terry!
      Charles Bate was the patantee of the “famous Bate Brand” which he invented for the prevention of the fraudulent branding of inferior cheese!
      I possess one of these and know of two others,yours being the fourth one!
      This is the same Charles Bate who was a partner with Robert Bowie in
      their brewery on Water Street.
      Charles Bate also built & opened the first cold storage in Canada which was and is still located at the foot of Georgina Street near the CNR tracks
      in Brockville!This building became the Brockville Co-op but is no longer
      used as such!
      Charles Bate was an extensive dealer in butter & cheese after his departure from the brewery!

      Gary Spicer ” Collector of Brockville bottles & Stoneware “

      • I too have a “relief stamp” as I believe someone above called it. Mine has the registration number 363 on it, with the Dairy Act of 1897 on it. He doesn’t have any “patented” information on the back, simply his name and Brockville Ontario. I would love to know more about Charles Bate and what these plates were for, or where they were used if you could help me out!

        Emails would be great instead of this forum:

      • Hello
        My neighbor has one too. There apparently is one at the Brockville Museum too.

  34. joan thomson

    Hi Doug
    I was wondering if you have any history on 11 & 13 Park Street in Brockville. It was my family home
    from 1944 to late 1960’s. I believe it was owned by the Bowie Family.
    I am enjoying your site.

    • Hi Joan!
      Robert Bowie & Charles Bate bottled their beer in the basement of your former home at 11 Park Street!
      I suspect that the house was owned by Bowie since he built and lived in the house just above yours on the south east corner of KIng & Park Streets.
      The garage behind this house and beside # 11 Park was an ice house & immediately below it was Bowie & Bates Beer Vault!

      Gary Spicer…”Brockville bottle & stoneware collector”

      • John F. Grice

        Hi Gary,
        I’m Joan’s brother – thanks for the information. The beer vault is still there. We knew about the Bowie connection. The house at the corner of King and Park was subsequently owned by the Perrin family for decades. Not sure who owns the 11 Park Street house now. One of the Jordan boys bought the place back in the nineties – he used to be our paper boy. It was sold within the past seven or eight years, I believe.

  35. I was reading through the Brockville Architects list. There was something that caught my eye about Guelph. In the listing for MILLER, George M. You mentioned that he was best known for collegiate architecture (e.g., buildings at University of Toronto, former Guelph Agricultural College).
    Did you mean University of Guelph, another building on University of Toronto campus or do you mean two separate locations.

    This stood out to me since my husband and I published a heritage series of Guelph historical buildings.

  36. I was wondering if you know who built the first stone house in Brockville and if it is still standing.

  37. Hello Doug,

    I was wondering if you have ever seen an obituary article for Billa Flint (Senior) in any newspaper? I have seen a death notice in the Brockville Recorder (1852) but I have never seen an article or Obituary when I figure that there must have been something more written about him.


  38. Hi, Doug. I just discovered your website while trying to find out a few specific things about the history of Winsdor, Ontario. Do you specialize only in Brockville, or do you know of any of your history buff counterparts who might have knowledge and interest in Windsor history? Thanks!

  39. Hi Doug,
    What can you tell me about the first brewers Taylor and Jordan? This was the company prior to Bowie and Bate, do you now anything about the origins of this first company? Thanks. Steve.

    • 31 Dec 2010

      Sorry Steve, but I am not familiar with “Taylor and Jordan” as a company in Brockville prior to Bowie & Bate.

      In a 1873 Brockville business directory published by McAlpine, I find the following entry:
      Taylor, Heber, of H. Taylor & Co., house St. Paul St.
      Taylor, H. & Co., brewers and malsters, Water St.
      Jordan, J.H., restaurant, Main St., house, Main St.
      Bowie, Robert, lumber dealer, r. Water St., house Court House Ave.

      In Lovell’s 1882 Brockville Directory:
      Bowie & Bate, (Robert Bowie, Chas. Bate), proprietors Brockville Brewery and Malt House, Water St.
      Brockville Brewery, Bowie & Bate, proprietors, Water St.

      Eastern Ontario Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1898:
      Bowie & Co., brewers, etc.

      That is all I can find in those kind of sources.


      Doug Grant

  40. Hi Doug,

    Do you have a location and/or photos for the ‘Centennial Hotel’ in Brockville? Was it by the Railway Station?


    • According to the 1903 Business Directory for Ontario, the hotel was at the corner of Perth and Delhi St., Until a few years ago, it housed the Brockville food bank.

  41. Hello Mr.Grant.
    I am a local citizen heavily involved in motorsports as a crew member of a successful race team based out of the ever growing famous Brockville Ontario Speedway. I am also a member of Dirt Track Digest, an online racing magazine that covers various racing throughout the Northeastern United States, Ontario and Quebec. Autoracing has a very, very rich history and several members and myself have been studying and researching variou historic racing facilities, sanctioning bodies, drivers and communities that host racing. Just recently I have found out that there was once an autorace at the old Brockville Fairgrounds at Rows Corners, and that it was quite popular and may have been sponsored by the Briscoe Car Company or the Atlas Car company. I am hoping that you may assist me in finding information in relation to this event or any others like it, that I could share with my fellow DTD members, I would also be posting full credit to you sir and your work as I have visited this site numerous occassions and I enjoy it very much. I hope you can assist me and I look forward to communicating with you any results. Sincerely, Bob Haley.

  42. Mr. Grant, I am a collector and dealer of antique photographic images and I found your website while trying to research an 1860s Alexander McIntyre CDV image of a distinguished Brockville gentleman. I can send you a jpg file of the image for review (if I have your Email address). I anticipate putting the CDV on Ebay, but I would just as soon sell it to your historical society at the opening bid if you are interested for your archive ($10 including postage). Cheers.
    W. P. Jones

  43. Doug—excellant site
    —I am interested in Lt. Col. Robert A. Bowie, CAMC who served in WWI. I believe he was a member of the Bowie Brewery family and died accidently after returning to Brockville following the War.
    —do you know where I can find info on him?
    —thanks, keep up the god work—sincerely, Ron McGuire

  44. Hi Doug!
    My 2nd great grandfather, Henry Moore use to work on the G.T.R. in Brockville yard. Sadly he was killed by a train on August 1, 1889 and I was wondering if there were any newspaper articles or photographs of him.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  45. Jenifer Barclay

    I would love to speak with you about the images of “Little Mac” so that I might use them professionally (I’m an historian interested in disability and race and I am currently working on a project dealing with minstrelsy.)

  46. Hello Doug Grant,
    I am trying to gather information about a photograph of a Brockville hockey team probably taken about 1900. My grandfather, Mark Wilkinson Tooker, is one of the players. A researcher for the Brockville Museum was not able to provide information about the team. If you could assist me, I will email the photograph to you. Otherwise, can you suggest someone who may be able to assist me? Thank you.
    Mark Grady, Victoria, B.C.

    • Hello again Doug Grant,
      I just realized that I didn’t click as below the first time. Thanks.

      • My husband has a photo of the 1924 Brockville Junior O.H.A. Hockey Team, winners of Stewart Cup Leeds Champions of which Mark Tooker is in the picture.

  47. Deborah (Clarke) Sutton

    Hi Doug,

    Was wondering if you happened to have any photographs of The Maitland Arms. My grandparents Vera & Lloyd Moore were the owners from approximately 1964 to 1976 I believe – have been trying to find some old pictures to keep in the family but unfortunately haven’t had any luck. Have even contacted the newspaper.

  48. David Butters

    Dear Mr Grant
    I am writing a book about the war of 1812. May I use your map of Elizabethtown in it? I am writing about thw raid by Captain Forsyth of the US Rifle regiment in 1812. It will be published and sold as a commercial book. I would be glad to give you acknowlegement for it’s use

  49. Hello Doug Grant,
    I am trying to gather information about a photograph of a Brockville hockey team probably taken about 1900. My grandfather, Mark Wilkinson Tooker, is one of the players. Researchers for the Brockville Museum and Brockville Library were not able to provide information about the team. If you could assist me, I will email the photograph to you. Otherwise, can you suggest someone who may be able to assist me? Thank you.
    Mark Grady, Victoria, B.C.

    • I have most likely the only photo of the 1900 Brockville H.C. My grandfather, which is in the photo played for the team. If you wish I can send you a copy. CHEERS!!

      • Hello Dwight,
        Please send me a copy of the photo of your grandfather and the 1900 Brockville hockey team. You can send it to my email address below or by mail to: 1861 Elmhurst Place, Victoria, B.C. V8N 1R1. Did you see the photo I sent to Doug Grant? If not, I could send you a copy. Thanks.

        Mark Grady

  50. John Sharpe,
    I have a copy of the photograph of the 1924 Brockville junior hockey team. My grandfather, Mark Tooker, was the manager of the team. My mother (b. 1917) remembers going with her father to the games and “freezing her feet” because there was no heat in the stands.

    I am still looking for information about the photo I sent to Doug Grant earlier of another Brockville hockey team. The photo which includes players Mark Tooker and Perry Graham was probably taken between 1900 and 1905, and the team may have been called the “Invincibles.”

    • Hi,
      I have an 1896 photo of the Brockville Invincibles.
      Jim Bresnan,Arthur Jordan,Mike Kehoe, Fred Gillerlain
      Sammy Boyd,Mike Mcglade, Harvey Kehoe,HarryBest,Tommy Donahue

  51. Harry Kalsbeek

    My family lived in Brockville May 1951 to September 1951 as it was our first home after we immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands. Reason for my writing, Today I purchased an old stone jug at an antique market in Guelph. It has the name John Webster, Brockville, ONT on it. Other than what is on wikpedia about John Webster, do you have any additional articles, links or old photos connecting to him or his business when he was a produce merchant? If you are interested, I would be more than happy to send you a picture of the jug.
    Harry Kalsbeek

    • Hi
      I also have a John Webster Brockville Ont jug. A new book written by Gary Spicer about Brockville’s History in bottles, jugs etc. was just released and I can’t find reference to it there either. Perhaps it isn’t early enough.
      Ted cater

      • I spoke to soon in the previous post. There is information about Mr. Webster and the jug on pages 104 and 105 in Gary Spicers book “Nineteenth Century Uncovered”.

  52. No, did not see the photo you sent to Doug Grant. Kindly send me your email address as I cannot send photo using this link. Thanks DWIGHT

  53. My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was once entirely right. This publish truly made my day. You can not believe just how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  54. Hi Doug;
    I left Brockville in the 1950s and your work brings back memories of the past that would be lost without your efforts.
    Keep up the good work!
    John Harris
    Smith Ennismore Lakefield Museum
    Division of Smith Ennismore Historical Society
    Bridgenorth, Ont

  55. I have a photo from Dunn & Co Brockville that has 3 gentlemen in uniforms. I do not know what type of uniforms. Would Dunn & Co only have taken pics only in Brockville or elsewhere? This photo was in our family pics but we have no clue anything about it. Thanks, Jennifer

  56. Was wondering if Kristen left an email I could contact her via. I’d be interested in purchasing her Mackellar bottle. For obvious reasons lol

  57. Hello Doug,
    I have a client that is wishing to find out some history about the house that she now lives in. From what I can tell you are the man to talk to or will know who to send me to, as she lives in Brockville. Could you please email me at the attached email so we may have more of a private conversation about this.

  58. Campbell D. Cossitt

    Hello Doug
    Would be okay to have this request for information posted again. I have added a little more detail on the particular branch of the Cossitt Family I am interested in.

    I am looking for any pictures of the family of Newton Cossitt Senior b 1829 his wife Jane Ellen McCarter b 1834 and their four sons.

    Newton Cossitt born on Jan. 15, 1829 at Perry, Wyoming County, New York, USA. He died after a lengthy battle with Heart disease on Dec. 8, 1911 at the family residence on the corner of Pearl and Wall Street in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. He is buried in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. He married Jane Ellen McCarter on June 15,1858 in Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence City, New York, USA.
    Jane Ellen McCarter was born on April 14, 1834 at Lisbond, St. Lawrence City, New York, USA. She died on Aug. 23,
    1903 at Brockville, Ontario, Canada. She is buried in Brockville.

    Their Children:
    i) Herbert Draper Cossitt born at Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 24, 1859
    ii) Henry Heber Cossitt born at Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada, August 24, 1863
    iii) Newton Cossitt Jr. born at Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada, 1869
    iv) Leonard Randles Cossitt born at Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 20, 1876

    In particular I am looking for pictures of Leonard Randles Cossitt b 1876 in Smith Falls, ON. and his wife Minnie Elizabeth Colcock b 1875 in Welland, ON. All are buried in Brockville. This branch of the Cossitt family were part of the G. M. Cossitt & Brothers Farming Implements manufacturing business from the late 1800′s.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.
    Kind regards
    Cam Cossitt

  59. Hi Doug,

    I have been researching Rev William Shortt who was the reverend. He was residing at his death in Brockville in 1909. I am curious as to whether he was a reverend in Brockville.

    • Sue: I looked up his name in two Brockville business directories that I have here.  He is not listed in either, for 1904 or 1911.  Otherwise, I am not familiar with his name. What churches or denomination did he serve in? Doug

  60. Good day Mr. Grant,
    Do you have any historical information on 198 Pearl St. East, former Abbott Labs? I was told by a construction person working on a project in the plant several years ago prior to General Milk there was an ammunition depot or factory on this site in the early to mid 20th century. I recently spoke with a local veteran who worked in the explosives trade while serving in Afghanistan, and part of his schooling for the trade was historical information and he remembered reading about the plant, but couldn’t provide any detailed information.
    Thank you,
    T. Webb

    • I can’t confirm what you are asking concerning an ammunition plant before the General Milk plant at 198 Pearl St. I have very little information along that line.

      There was no building with a street address on the site in 1911, 1913, or 1919, according to my business directories. The last property then, was a house at 190 Pearl St. E.

      However, in a 1929 Brockville Business Directory I have found that a plant called ‘Machinery & Foundries Ltd.’ is located on the north corner of Pearl St. E. at North Augusta Rd.

      This sounds interesting but there is no other information about this site or this company that I can find.

      Some years later, as you might know, the two factories, Simonds Canadian Saw Co. (192 Pearl St. E.) and the milk plant (198 Pearl St. E.) which housed 3 companies, General Milk, Dominion Milk and Cow and Gate, were on the site.

      Perhaps during WWII this was a government secret concerning what was made here.

      That’s all I have.

      Doug Grant

  61. Dear Mr Grant

    After searching the net for past two months for the train derailment in Brockville between the years 1965 to 1970 . Sorry I can’t remember the exact date . The train derailed just before Perth St and ran into the control tower in which resulted in the explosion of the tower and the loss of a railway workers life . After netting the only conclusion I have found is that you seem to be the utmost authority of vintage Brockville so I was wondering if you have any knowledge and or photographs of this event ?

    I Thank you for any help you could provide .

    • Ken: I re-posted your letter about the Brockville de-railment on a Facebook group site called ‘Railways of Brockville & Area’. One of the members was able to provide quite a bit of information and some photographs that he took following the de-railment. You can check it all out on the site if you are a Facebook member or are willing to join. — Doug Grant

  62. Hello Doug,
    I used to live in Brockville when I was a child. Are you by chance family of mr. Grant of the Grantville cabins in the late fifties? I am looking for the address.
    Hope to hear from you.

  63. Margaret Roper

    Hello Doug Grant, would you have any photos of King Street, Brockville, ON from 1909? I am writing a book about my grandmother who came to Brockville from Scotland and arrived at Fairknowe Home on July 5, 1909. I really like your site of Brockville’s Old Photos. I was in Brockville on the weekend for Doors Open … my first visit to downtown Brockville and it was wonderful to see the old buildings and meet some lovely people. Any help you can give me with photos from 1909 would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  64. Hi!

    I am looking for information on Helen Hong or her family and thought this might be a great place to ask if anyone has any information or pictures they can pass along!

    Helen was born in 1914 in Brockville. Her father’s name was Tim Hong (born apprx. 1873) and I am unsure of her mother’s name. Helen’s father emigrated from China in 1900 and worked as a laundryman. Helen’s mother followed after and arrived in Canada in 1910. Helen had two sisters, Lena (born 1911) and Mabel (born 1912), and one brother Henry (born 1918) all of which were born in Brockville. I have found that Helen lived in Brockville from her birth until at least 1921 as I have found her in the 1921 Brockville census living at 228 King Street West. I also know that when her sisters were born (in 1911 and 1912) this was also the family’s address. Helen moved back to China sometime between 1921 and 1947 (her first daughter was born in Hong Kong in 1947).

    The Brockville Museum was also able to tell me that a laundry operated out of 228 King St West for many years with Tim Hong listed in the directory for the years 1913, 1931, and 1946. They could not find any school records for Helen or her siblings but, based on their address, they likely would have attended Prince of Wales (elementary school) and Brockville Collegiate Institute (high school).

    Any information would be appreciated! I can be reached at

    • I forgot to mention that I also have two pictures of 228 King St West taken c.1890 and 1914 that the Brockville Museum was able to email to me. If anyone is interested, I’d be happy to pass them along!

  65. I found an applied colour label pop bottle called Mountain Way. The back says Brockville Bottling Company from Brockville Ontario. The colour label is red and white.

  66. Doug- a friend of mine came upon an old wooden lacrosse stick – maker is T. McBrearty of Montreal… i see that a player with the same last name played on the 1886 Champion team from Brockville… Mike McBrearty… any insight if the two are related or where i can learn more about the McBrearty family ? And specifically the stickmaker ?

  67. I have a photograph of the Brockville Lacrosse Team in 1886, but no names.

    • Hello Doug Grant I’m wondering if you would have a photo of downtown Brockville taken in 1909?  My grandma lived in Brockville then and I am writing a story about her life and would like to have a picture of what Brockville looked like in 1909. Cheers,Margaret Roper

      From: Brockville History Album To: Sent: Sunday, February 7, 2016 12:34 AM Subject: [New comment] about Doug Grant #yiv0933219727 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0933219727 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0933219727 a.yiv0933219727primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0933219727 a.yiv0933219727primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0933219727 a.yiv0933219727primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0933219727 a.yiv0933219727primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0933219727 Doug Grant commented: “I have a photograph of the Brockville Lacrosse Team in 1886, but no names.” | |

  68. Hello Doug, Thanks for helping preserve history.
    I was curious if you have come across any historical artifacts: photos, stories, books, etc. on the Brockville Police Service back in the 1860’s to 1880’s.

    My 3x great grandfather was Michael Hunter. He was a high constable / bailiff back then.
    I’ve been scouring the internet for any additional information but haven’t had any luck.

    I know he passed away Aug 4, 1885. Do you know if there were any newspapers of the area that might have microfilms?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • for Grant Goulet: — In the Brockville Census for 1881:

      Michael HUNTER, 50 yers old, Constable, Roman Catholic, born in Ireland.
      Mary HUNTER, 45 years old, Roman Catholic, born in Ireland.
      Michael HUNTER, Jr., 20 years old, Conductor, Roman Catholic, born in Ontario.
      Mary Jane HUNTER, 22 Years old, Roman Catholic, born in Ontario.
      William HUNTER, 17 years old, Roman Catholic, born in Ontario.
      Edward HUNTER, 15 years old, Moulder, Roman Catholic, born in Ontario.
      Andrew HUNTER, 12 years old, Roman Catholic, born in Ontario.

      If you are in Canada, the inter-library loan system might be able to send you micro film reels of the Brockville newspapers, ‘The Times’ and the ‘Recorder’.
      I think the web page of the ‘Brockville Police Service’ has a couple of photogtographs of policemen. I could send you copies of one from my own collection, if you give me your e-mail address.

      Doug Grant

      • Thanks for the info on the newspapers. I live in Michigan so I will have to contact the libraries to see if they do any sharing with libraries here.

        I already have 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 census records for him and also his death record (died from Dropsy)

        I originally thought this man was a normal police officer. Then I stumbled on the Brockville Police Service website and saw the history page. His name is listed on there. So I thought he may have been someone important. Unfortunately the photos are of other people. Would of been great to find a photo of him on there. So that is what sparked my interest. Seeing his name on there made me think maybe there is some more history of him out there.

        Thanks for the tips.
        And I’d be happy for any photos. Me email is grant AT

        Interesting fact, many of his descendants went into law enforcement as well. Quite a few of them were in the Chicago PD.

  69. Hi John!
    You may not be aware of it but two years ago I published a book on Brockville bottles and stoneware with numerous photos ! In it is all the information you could ever ask for on Bowie’s Brewery and Bowie & Bates Brewery with additional info on their beer vault!
    If you feel you have an interest you can contact me by email at “”


  70. Charles Massey

    Hi Doug, we meet a very long time ago when my father was alive and active in the historical society, Dr. L. Massey. Enjoying your site.

    We live at the Kincaid House at 260 King Street East and Cochrane. Need help locating someone who can stabilize our weather vane. Any suggestions?

  71. Hi there, Charles.
    This sounds like a high-level job for a steeple-jack like John Hamelin. He has his own hoist and can work on steep roofs. There may be other contractors willing to help you but you could start with Hamelin.
    — Doug

  72. Charles Massey

    thank you Doug,

  73. Alicia McDonald

    Hi Doug,

    I am looking for information for 6-12 Park Street. I have heard that it was once used as a bed and breakfast to house CN rail employees in the early 1900s. Are you able to confirm this?

  74. Hi Doug – love the website!

    Do you have any photos of the houses on William St. that were demolished to make way for the Arvic Centre? My Great-Grandmother, Ellen Claribel Cameron (née Mott) – wife of general contracter, Angus Alexander Cameron -bought the house closest to the corner of Brock St. and William St. (I believe) in the late 1930s. I understand that the house later became a restaurant.

    Thanks, Colin Kidd

  75. Thanks for your comments, Colin. — I am afraid I don’t have any photographs which show your Great-Grandmother’s house at William & Brock Strs. — Doug.

  76. OK, thanks Doug, I appreciate you checking! That being said, have you ever come across any information relating to my Great-Grandfather, Angus Alexander Cameron? I’m told he was a contractor whose area of work stretched from Brockville to Kingston and back.

    Best regards, Colin

  77. Kathleen Sammon

    Hi Doug.
    Just stumbled upon your website and love it.

    My grandmother was Emily LaChapelle, her father Albert, I believe owned Lachapelle boat works on Jesse St. Do you have any info or photos of the business or family.

    Someday I hope to visit Brockville in person.Thanks for any help you may have.

  78. Christy Thompson

    Hi Doug,
    Just wondering if you can tell me when George Street Methodist church was demolished?

  79. Hi Doug:

    Just a note that I posted a message to the comments on your site about John McMullen. As the last comments there go back to 2009 I thought perhaps you might not check it often, and therefore am mentioning it here in case any interest to comment.

    On yet another site I was interested to see the image you posted of the Houston liquor merchant’s building in Brockville from the 1880s.

    Feel free to comment directly on that current post on my blog, if of any interest again.

    I enjoy all your various writings I have found.


    Gary Gillman, Toronto

  80. Don Hollingsworth

    Hi Doug. Fascinating website, a real jewel for history buffs. I recently acquired a very poor reproduction of a photo of my great grandfather Nicholas James Hollingsworth Sr. On the photocopy of this picture is a notation that the original picture was taken by “International Gallery (P.B. Murray) corner of Main and Market streets, Brockville Ontario. Negative # 19413.” By chance would you know which organization may hold the negatives from this photographer or where I might be able to direct further inquires. Appreciate your valuable time.

    • As far as I know, the negatives of the Murray Studio are no longer existing. The last Photographer in the family was Jack Murray and he died many years ago. There was no cataloging or archives kept that have turned up.

  81. Doug,

    I just stumbled across this blog while researching some family history. There is a chance my Great-Great-Great Grandmother Mary Lee Rath (b. approx 1773 Ireland) may have been one of the cholera victims in or around Brockville as the family slowly made their way to Clayton, Ontario.

    Is there a register of the people that succumbed to the disease available at all? I have been told she might buried in a mound near Tincap, but have found no records to support this.

    My email address is I would greatly appreciate any more insight you might have.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kyle Rath

  82. HI Doug, Do you know if any pictures exist of a meat shop called “Kavanagh Meats or Butchers” thank you Rob K

  83. James David Jaffey

    I am the grandson of Frank Carley who owned a taxi company and gas station. I would like to talk to Doug grant about my grandfather frank and his wife Eleanor.

  84. Hi Doug, I was wondering whether you could point me to information on patients in the Brockville Asylum in 1929? I am trying to figure out whether my late Dad’s biological mother might have been a patient there around that time. He was born in Cornwall, Ontario to an unwed mother and was ultimately adopted. I spoke with a Cornwall historian, Sara Lauzon, and she told me that often, pregnant unmarried women went from Cornwall’s House of Refuge to the Brockville Asylum, and vice versa. Thanks.


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