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Brockville City hall 1925

Brockville City Hall – 1925


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Brockville Museum
Brockville Museum

The Brockville Museum is committed to preserving and promoting the history of Brockville through continuing quality exhibits and education programmes. The museum activities are strongly supported by an expanding collection of related artifacts and archival material.

The Brockville Museum grows with, and for the community, providing a source of knowledge on the heritage of Brockville for present and future generations.

Situated in Brockville’s historic downtown core, the Brockville Museum features exhibits and artifacts related to Brockville’s rich Loyalist history and the city’s development as a waterfront community.

Changing thematic displays and special events complement our permanent exhibits.

Brockville Museum Web Site

5 Henry Street, Brockville, Ontario K6V 6M4

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Fulford Place

Fulford Place Museum

This was the palatial home of Senator George T. Fulford Sr. who made millions of dollars from “Pink Pills for Pale People” – a patent medicine he manufactured in Brockville and sold around the world. Fulford recognized the commercial potential of the readership developed by mass-circulation newspapers and built his business on saturation-print advertising.

He constructed Fulford Place, a 20,000-square-foot Edwardian mansion between 1899 and 1901. The original grounds were designed by Frederick Olmsted of the Olmsted landscaping firm, which also designed Central Park in New York City. It is owned and operated by the Ontario Heritage Trust. Restoration of the Fulford gardens was one of the Ontario Heritage Trust’s most exciting heritage garden conservancy projects.

The restoration included the Italianate-style gardens, an elaborate triton fountain, statuary, stone walls and gates. Through generous donations from a number of individuals and organizations, the Trust restored the Italianate Garden, a key component of this nationally significant historic landscape.

Fulford Place Web Site

287 King Street East, Brockville, Ontario, Canada K6V 1E1


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The Brockville & District Historical Society

Brockville Museum

The Historical Society holds their regular meetings in the Brockville Museum at 5 Henry St. in downtown Brockville.

Web Site for the Brockville & District Historical Society:


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Brockville Infantry Co.

Brockville Infantry Company [1862]

In 1990 a small group of four citizens decided to recreate the colour and pageantry of the 1860s, and the Brockville Infantry Company (1862) was formed.
With a passion for detail and authenticity these men researched the history of the company and set out to relive the past.

Exact copies of the bright red British tunics were manufactured by a military tailor in Toronto. Custom leatherwork was handcrafted locally, and working replicas of 1853 Enfield black powder muzzle-loading muskets were imported from the U.S.

Today over twenty re-enactors make up the group. They are composed of local lawyers, teachers, managers and businessmen. They dress in identical British bright red tunics carry and fire fully functional replicas of the original Enfield muskets with bayonets and perform the same precision drill manoeuvres that their counterparts did over 130 years ago.

Brockville Infantry Co [1862] Web Site


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Brockville on Wikipedia

Wikipedia Logo


Wikipedia: Brockville, Ontario

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Brockville War Memorial
Brockville War Memorial
on the
We Will Remember Site logo
Web Site
War Monuments in Canada: BROCKVILLE WAR MEMORIAL

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Military Museums of Canada coat of arms
A Web Site dedicated to
Military Memorial History in Brockville
A Brockville Museum Web page.

On this site is a comprehensive listing of participating and deseased military personelle noted on various commemorative plaques in Brockville.

The work involved in collecting and presenting this package on information was carried out by the Director of the Brockville Museum, her staff, and volunteers.

The project was originally suggested by the Organization of Military Museums of Canada.

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Leeds & Grenville Map
Leeds & Grenville GenWeb

A collection of genealogical information and resources for the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario.

The Brockville History Album is now included on their page of local historical organizations and information at:


Leeds & Grenville GenWeb is also part of the Ontario GenWeb and Canada GenWeb Projects.

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  1. We have just bought 10 Victoria Ave. We are interested in it’s history.

    Specifically, photos, stories, etc…

    Is there a club we could join?

    Susan Guenette

  2. Hi,

    I have just added your website to our Community Resources Section on our website.

    May I suggest that you add the Brockville Public Library’s website under your “Related Brockville Links” section as we have a number of historical documents as well as circulating copies of Brockville History books.


  3. Steve MacFarlane

    Hello Doug,
    My aunt recently came across a label for canned tomatoes “Pleasant View Canning Factory, VE McMullen Brockville Ontario”. She and my mother grew up in Brockville prior to WW2 and my mother still lives there but neither of them can remember anything about a cannery. Could you shed some light on this for them?


    • Steve:

      I have looked for both ‘Pleasant Valley’ and V.E. McMullen’ in a number of old Vernon’s Brockville Directories, which cover all residents and companies, but am unable to find reference to either names. It has to remain a mystery to both of us. Thanks for your inquiry.

      Doug Grant


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